The 3D-Nanofinger®

  • covers the features of Profilometers and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines by three equivalent axes of movement and measurements along a path, not only along one axis – with a resolution of single Nanometers on Centimeters of stroke.
  • detects a contact with its sensor vertically and sidewise: fully 3D.
  • measures 3D-profiles, inner and outer contours, dimensional features as well as surface roughness, also sidewise.
  • overcomes the restrictions of Profilometers, Coordinate Measuring Machines and AFMs.
  • is part of our Nanorobotics and can be integrated in all our systems, freely programmable from point operations to complete measurement tasks.
  • 3 axes with 10 – 50 mm stroke in xy and 10-20 mm stroke in z
  • 0.5 nm movement resolution
  • 2 nm position sensor resolution
  • scan resolution up to 2 nm (setup dependent)
  • Nanofinger® probe tips can have different shape, hardness and a radius from 50 nm up to a few mm, e.g. to operate as manipulation tool
  • 3d topography measurements for coarse and fine sample structures
  • dimensional measurements in all directions
  • automation on many different levels, also within other processes
  • as standard application package of the Nanoworkbench
  • standalone with low-vibration granite setup
  • small standalone machine for easy transport
  • inside of CNC machines
  • part of universal testing benches
  • within micro production systems
  • Adding 3D to conventional SEM or FIB surface imaging information – In situ Surface Sensing and Nanoprofilometry for Focused Electron and Ion Beam Induced Processes Verification
    Andre Linden, Frank Nouvertné, Axel Rudzinski, Torsten Michael, Mark Levermann, Eva Maynicke
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  • 3d Nanofinger
    Raith GmbH
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Principle of Operation

  • The Nanofinger® sensor is a small MEMS device that detects the distance between its probe tip and a sample. In a distance of about 10 nm the Nanofinger® sensor detects the sample by measuring the Van-Der-Vaals forces between sample and tip – without touching the sample.
  • The Nanofinger® sensor is driven by a special high speed electronics that reacts with a bandwidth of several KHz. The Nanofinger® sensor is moved towards a sample in closed loop with 1 nm increments until it reaches the desired signal value (e.g. at 75% amplitude). At this moment the position of the stage that moves this sensor is stored as coordinate data. The Nanofinger® sensor is removed again and then moved aside for the next approach, at any time in closed loop with 1 nm increments, in any direction X, or Y or Z over Centimeters stroke.
  • Since all movement axes of the 3D-Nanofinger® offer 1 nm movement resolution, it is easy to prepare a 3d image by making arrays of Linescans.

Flexible usage

  • The 3D-Nanofinger® is one module of our Nanorobotics and can be moved and programmed just as any other sensor or actuator in the system.
  • As a module the 3D-Nanofinger® can be used stand-alone or inside of Nanorobotics and micro production systems or e.g. CNC machines.
  • Within the “Nanoworkbench” from Klocke Nanotechnik the 3D-Nanofinger® can be used in any SEM/FIB system as “Scout” to guide other tools to the sample or for 3d Topography measurements. A “Live Image Positioning” module directs the Nanofinger® in xy to the target point just by mouse-click into the SEM Image.
  • The Nanofinger® can be programmed by simple teaching like all other tool of the system, e.g. for Scouting, for finding a maximum point on a sample measure the height or guide an electrical probe there. Even full 3d-profiles can be parts of a bigger process.

®: Nanofinger is a registered trademark of Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH, Aachen