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The 3D-Nanofinger® covers the features of Profilometers and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines. The following table with typical values gives an overview about the different principles:

Coordinate Measuring Machine
Axes with precise movement 2-dimensional (XZ) 3-dimensional (XYZ) 3 dimensional (XYZ and along a path)
Surface roughness measurement Yes, in 2D normally: No Yes
Dimensional measurement Yes, but only in one direction along an actuator axis Yes, in X,Y and Z Yes, in XYZ and along a path (e.g. a hole)
3D topography measurement normally: No normally: No Yes
Sensor diameter around 0.2 - 1 micron
around a few mm
around 30 nm - a few mm
Stroke several cm in X, some mm in Z, sometimes more. several cm in X,Y,Z several cm in X,Y,Z and along a path
Objects to measure Coarse structures, to be measured from one side along one fixed actuator axis Coarse structures, to be measured from 5 sides Coarse and fine structures from 1-5 sides, measurement along and into them, e.g. into thin holes or grooves => movement not only along the actuator axes.
Integration as module No, only stand-alone machine No, only stand-alone machine Yes, e.g. into Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopes (SEM/FIB), CNC cutting or grinding machines, Universal Testing Benches or Micro Production Systems
Automation No No Yes, within a series of more than 200 Nanorobotics components

The upper table may not be correct for an individual machine, but it describes general features of the different machine classes. In comparison with standard Profilometers the 3D-Nanofinger® has three equivalent axes of movement and allows the measurement along a path, not only along one axis. This can be used to measure along inner and outer contours.
With an optional double-head sensor it is possible to determine an outer thickness or inner distance of objects by differential measurements, e.g. the distance of 2 opponent V-grooves of a linear ball bearing slide.
The 3D-Nanofinger® is available in several different arrangements. It can be used as stand-alone measurement machine, installed in Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopes (SEM/FIB) or as module hanging at the granite bridge of a Universal Testing Bench or a Micro Production System. All versions are available from:

®: Nanofinger is a registered trademark of Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH, Aachen


The 3D-Nanofinger® covers the features of Profilometers and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines.
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