Rotary Drive

The piezoelectric Rotary Drives from Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH allow rotating tools and samples with high precision and defined speed.

The rotary drive is fully integrated in our systems so it can be added to all Nanoworkbench applications and all micro production systems. It allows rotating tools and samples with high precision with defined speeds. It is also possible to use it as a stand alone product. In this case our Rotary Drive Starter kit is recommended

  • max speed: 6degree/sec
  • resolution: 3millidegree

The rotary drive can be used with all systems and applications. One of the featured applications is the TEM lamella handling process inside of SEM/FIB Systems, to rotate tip and/or sample.

The Rotary Drive Starter Kit provides easy access to all rotating needs.

Rotary Drive Starter Kit


This Kit consists of a Controller, Energy source and one of our small rotary drives. Easy access to all rotating needs is guaranteed. As stand alone product or in combination with other stages or the Nanoworkbench the Rotary Drive  provides accuracy, stability and small size performance capability for almost any nanomanufacturing or inspection application. As standalone product or in combination with other stages or the Nanoworkbench the Rotary Drives provide accuracy, stability and small size. Since they are purely piezo driven they do not emit electromagnetic fields and operate in high vacuum. So these Rotary Drives are ideal for high precision movements in challenging environments.

Rotary Drive fully controlled


The Rotary Drives can be used as standalone products or as a fully integrated solution within complex systems or product lines. Of course it can also be used as an integrated part in the Klocke Nanotechnik Nanoworkbench and micro production systems. Our rotary drives can be controlled manually or by our controllers with USB and optional serial ports.