Front-End Tools

Our high resolution Nanorobotics manipulators can be equipped with additional tools, to form complete solutions and to expand their field of application. Each Nanorobotics stage offers a set of different positions, where objects can be fixed. The following items are preferred examples. Other probes like e.g. MEMS sensors are also available within our Microtechnology Network that includes more than 300 partners.

  • tungsten wire tips for many probing needs. Tips are available in different shapes and diameters
  • Nanofinger® sensor for safe and fast approach of tools and surfaces
  • cantilevers
  • force sensors
  • grippers
  • diamond tips
  • sapphire tips
  • heaters
  • cutters
  • blades

Tips are available for all of our Nanorobotics manipulators, our Nanoworkbench application packages and within our micro production systems.