Lithography Stages

  • The Nanorobotics XY-stages from Klocke Nanotechnik are small enough for an assembly onto every existing SEM/FIB sample stage
  • They offer sub-Nanometer resolution in movement
  • They offer sub-micron stitching accuracy
  • Their hardware and software is fully compatible to the Nanoworkbench application packages from Klocke Nanotechnik
  • The e-beam lithography application can be expanded later e.g. by a Nano-Probing,
    Nano-Cutting or Nano-Cleaning application package operating in the same control System.
  • Stitching accuracy around 500 nm with 20, 30 or 40 mm range
  • High vacuum feedthrough and cable set for SEM operation
  • Network controller with Ethernet communication
  • Power supply and sub-rack housing
  • Universal lithography sample holder
  • Typical sample size up to 30x 30 mm2
  • Small dimensions to fit in every electron microscope
  • High vacuum compatible
  • 20 mm or 30 mm stroke versions for x- and y-axis available
  • Compatible to RAITH lithography software
  • Expandable by Nanorobotics Manipulators, e.g. for Nano-Probing, Nano-Cutting or Nano-Cleaning
  • Live Image Positioning for sample stage and manipulators
  • Move the tip by a simple mouse click in the Live Image Positioning Module

XY-positioning and stitching improvements for conventional SEM based
lithography solutions by piezoelectric sub-stage assembly
Raith GmbH
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