Mass Production Systems

The Micro Production System developed by Klocke Nanotechnik and partners bridges the gap between nanotechnology and classical mechanical engineering. It combines the advantages of both technologies: the backlash free movement with Nanometer resolution and the capability of up to kilograms of load at huge strokes. The included Nanorobotics modules offer plenty degrees of movement and a repeatability of better 60 nm per axis, a value far away from the Micrometer values of classical production systems.

  • 87 good parts per day
  • Cycle time < 3,5 minutes
  • Yield > 80% measured during production
  • Light point position +- 5µm
  • Adhesive & fiber position error < 2µm at 15mm length
  • Axial Fiber rotation < +-5°
  • Varying fiber diameter: 27µm – 45µm
  • Several different pre-defined production processes
  • Data base interface
  • Remote service
  • Operation possible by „everybody“
  • Replacement machine ready in < 3 days
  • Nanomotor
  • NMT Nanorobotics tables
  • NMG Nanorobotics grippers
  • Micro assembly stages
  • Vision system
  • Micro adhesive bonding systems
  • Wafer Prober
  • Nano indenter
  • Force Sensors and Force Feedback
  • FRT Microprof®
  • Manual Control Software
  • Process Control Sequencer
  • And plenty of other components from partners of our microtechnology Network, like Surface inspection systems,
    6-axis path control, high resolution scanning base stage, …

This is a configuration of our Microproduction systems