Micro Assembly Starter Kit

The system includes two modules NMT 50 as xy-stage with 50mm x 50mm stroke on the base, one NMT-Z20 and an NMG Nanomotor Gripper combined with a calibrated force sensor. The force sensor detects the force applied with the gripper in z-direction.
In this setup the xy-stage is placed at the bottom and the NMT-Z20 comes from the top to lift the gripper up and down. So the gripper stays in the focus of a microscope. In another setup all NMT modules can come from the top to move the gripper in x, y and z direction. All NMT modules have 1 nm resolution in movement and a repeatability better 60 nm.

  • A modular Nanorobotics kit allows the step by step growth from Micro assembly stage to Micro Production System
  • Combination of all nanorobotic components are possible
  • NMT modules
  • NMG grippers
  • PMS – Position Measurement System
  • Micro Tensile Machine
  • Micro Adhesive Bonding
  • NWC – Network Controller
  • Process Control Sequencer

This is a configuration of our Microproduction systems