Profile Measurements

in 2D and 3D


Fig.1: V-Grooves for optical industry

Fig. 2: Display industry: backlight structures

Fig.3: Winding inside of a hole

Fig.4: Cutting tool for CNC machining centers

Fig.5: SMD chips on PCB

Fig. 6: Flexible MEMS structures

Fig.7: Dimensional SEM

Profile measurements in 2D and 3D:

The profile measurements described in the individual examples on the left show the advantages of the 3D-Nanofinger® compared with Profilometers, Coordinate Measuring Machines and Atomic Force Microscopes:
  • Profilometers can only measure along one axis, not in 3D and not inside of objects
  • Coordinate measuring machines can measure several points but not full 3D surfaces and not inside of objects
  • Atomic Force Microscopes can measure in one direction a 3D-surface and linescans, but not on bigger areas

The 3D-Nanofinger® could overcome all of these restrictions.

Click on the images on the left to open some examples of 2D and 3D profile measurements.


3D-Nanofinger® measurements inside of Scanning Electron and Ion Microscopes (SEM/FIB):

The in-situ 3D-metrology realized by installing the 3D-Nanofinger® inside of a SEM or FIB expands such an instrument for the first time to a real "Dimensional SEM/FIB".

The "Dimensional SEM" realized by installing the 3D-Nanofinger® in a SEM (here: ZEISS Supra 35)

This powerfull new machine is described in detail at our Company Website (that will open in a new browser window):


Neither a standard Profilometer nor a Coordinate Measuring Machine can deliver the results presented in this area.
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