Spot Heater

With the Nanoworkbench from Klocke Nanotechnik spot heating of material is very fast and easy.

  • The heat source operates like a lamp: a tungsten wire is thinned at a tiny U-shaped front area down to about 30 microns and heats up there, like the Tungsten spiral of a lamp. The SEM/FIB chamber establishes the necessary vacuum.
  • Possible applications are melting, welding, soldering, material testing, etc.

The features of the Nanoworkbench enable in addition:

  • Live Image Positioning to direct the spot heater in XY to the target area just by mouse-click into the SEM image.
  • Nanofinger® Scouting for a fast and secure automatic approach of the spot heater to the sample, also on isolators.
  • The Sequencer can embed pre-defined heating steps into complete processes and macros.
  • Depending on the given current the tungsten wire can heat up far above 1000°C.
  • The heat source is fixed at one Nanorobotics manipulator of the Nanoworkbench, guided to the sample by the Nanofinger® operating as scout.
  • The Sequencer allows to teach application processes for heating in closed loop with any feedback signal (temperature, current, force, …)
  • Spot Heater
  • Additional customized heating wires

This application package is part of the Nanoworkbench