Different Arrangements

of the 3D-Nanofinger® Product


As stand-alone machine:

Arrangement with 50x50x20 mm3 stroke and thermally compensated granite frame. This would be the "normal" setup when the 3D-Nanofinger® is used at a fixed place and not in combination with other machines.

Transportable version, "on the road":

Arrangement with 20x20x20 mm3 stroke in a case with transportable electronics. This design shows the compact size of the 3D-Nanofinger® and its flexible usage. The damping system is included: simple passive rubber feet are enough! This version is recommended when measurements are required at different places/branches and the ultimate precision is not as important as the portability (the granite system is thermally compensated and a bit more vibration insensitive).

Inside of CNC machines:

The 3D-Nanofinger® is so compact that it can be installed even in CNC production machines. The metrology features of the 3D-Nanofiner allow sample and tool control at any tim and even in automation.

Inside of a SEM and/or FIB:

The 3D-Nanofinger® is so compact that it can be installed even in a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and a Focussed Ion Beam Chamber (FIB). The metrology features of a SEM are then expanded to the third dimension by measuring Linescans, scans along a 3 dimensional path (inner and outer contours), or by measuring complete 3D surface topographies.

==> leading to the first real "Dimensional SEM/FIB" with Nanometer precision!

In particular in a FIB the 3D-Nanofinger® can determine how deep a structure is, immediately after it was produced by the Ion Beam of the FIB: in-situ and online quality control.

This powerfull new machine is described in detail at our Company Website (that will open in a new browser window):

Within Universal Testing Benches:

The Universal Testing Benches from Klocke Nanotechnik allow product development, prototyping, reverse engineering, measurement & quality control, failure detection & analysis - with only one system and in until now unknown precision: The accuracy of the base stage is 50 nm.

This system can grow step by step by adding different functional units like:
Nanomanipulators, Wafer Prober, Force Sensors, Indenters, Inspection Systems - and naturally the 3D-Nanofinger®.

It is future-proof, spars investments and so is ideal not only for central development departments or laboratories in industry and Universities.

Within Micro Production Systems:

Micro Production Systems from Klocke Nanotechnik can include e.g. 16 degrees of movement, several micro-gripper, micro adhesive bonding technology, a 4 axis path control system, 6 video microscopes for pattern recognition and automatic microassembly. The system is designed for 3D-handling, assembly and interconnection of microparts. The precision is as good as that of the Universal Testing Benches. The stroke of the base stage can reach up to a square meter.

This system can grow step by step like the Universal Testing Benches without investment risks. The 3D-Nanofinger® is included not only for dimensional measurement of microparts, but also within each handling and assembly step to find the real height of the objects: even a wafer has a waviness of 10-20 microns, too much for a probe tip with 10 nm diameter.

... feel free to ask for your particular system integration.

®: Nanofinger is a registered trademark of Klocke Nanotechnik GmbH, Aachen
The 3D-Nanofinger® is compact enough to fit into any kind of machine.
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