Micro Production System

The Micro Production System developed by Klocke Nanotechnik and partners bridges the gap between nanotechnology and classical mechanical engineering. It combines the advantages of both technologies: the backlash free movement with Nanometer resolution and the capability of up to kilograms of load at huge strokes.

The system offers flexible configurations and is programmable for your own micro production processes.

One to six production places are possible that offer Nanorobotics modules with plenty degrees of movement and a repeatability of better 60 nm per axis,  values far beyond classical production systems which range in the micrometer regime.

The flexible Microproduction System is available in a lot of different levels of complexity. It was the main goal during the development of this system to allow for flexibility

  • Modular design, to be able to add, combine, or exchange components such as force sensors, wafer prober, manipulators, vacuum- and micro grippers or Scanning Probe Microscopes in order to produce different products, see on the right, at downloads: “Components”.
  • Process control with an easy to use software.
  • Integration of micro adhesive bonding technology in mechanics and software.
  • Ability to scale-up the production beginning from first manually assembled samples up to fully automated mass production.
  • Nanomotor
  • NMT Nanorobotics tables
  • NMG Nanorobotics grippers
  • Micro assembly stages
  • Vision system with pattern recognition
  • Micro adhesive bonding systems
  • Wafer Prober
  • Nano indenter
  • Force Sensors and Force Feedback
  • FRT Microprof®
  • Manual Control Software
  • Process Control Sequencer
  • And plenty of other components from partners of our microtechnology Network, like Surface inspection systems,
    6-axis path control, high resolution scanning base stage, …

The standard setup has a 1.1350 x 800 mm footprint and includes the following components:

  • Optical bench plate hovering on an air damping system
  • One long range X-axis, Stroke = 800 mm, Movement resolution = 100nm
  • One long range Y-axis, Stroke = 320 mm, Movement resolution = 100nm
  • One high-precision rotary drive, Movement resolution = 1200000 Increments/Turn
  • One strong long range vertical axis, Stroke = 80 mm, Movement resolution = 100nm, Load compensation
  • Video Microscope

This is a configuration of our Microproduction systems

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