Adhesive Dispenser: Nanoflow

The “Nanoflow” Dispenser system was developed by Klocke Nanotechnik for the usage within our Micro Production Systems, e.g. for the mass production of glass fiber assemblies in a precision that was not possible before. Nanoflow combines the properties of a simple and manually easy-to-use dispenser with the full automation capability of intelligent high-precision production line dispensers – at a favorable price.

  • Highest precision: smallest drops can e.g. be generated directly at the output head
  • Manual usage and within automation: processes can be developed by manual usage and later be repeated in complex automation systems.
  • Predictable results: by controlled parameters such as pressure, temperature and reservoir level
  • Real-time pulse sequences and pressure changes generated directly in the device to avoid communication bottlenecks.
  • Intelligent macros controlled by footswitch
  • Cartridge holder with angle adapter for horizontal dispensing without piston.

  • Cartridge holder with needle support against position errors caused by pressure changes.

  • Mini – dispensing head that requires no cartridge.

  • External fast, compact valve including back-suction.

  • Heating and cooling mini-dispensing head including temperature measurement.

  • Customized ultra-thin capillary tubes.