Force Distance

With the Nanoworkbench from Klocke Nanotechnik measuring forces and distances is very fast, easy and secure.

Force – Distance Measurements need:

  • Absolute positioning accuracy with single nm resolution
    =>  Most manipulators can only carry a force sensor without knowing its position: They have no option for Force-Distance and e.g. elasticity measurements
  • Different force sensors for soft and hard samples are needed, together with the option to fix special tips at them by microassembly.
  • Different orientations and approach directions of force sensor and sample

The features of the Nanoworkbench enable in addition:

  • Live Image Positioning to direct the force sensor in XY to the target area just by mouse-click into the SEM image.
  • Nanofinger® Scouting for a fast and secure automatic approach of the force sensor towards the sample, also on isolators.
  • The Sequencer can embed pre-defined Force-Distance measurements into complete processes and macros.
  • 1 nm movement resolution
  • different force sensors for soft or hard samples are available
  • force range from lower µN to mN range
  • different tips can be added optionally, e.g. for indent measurements
  • Force-Distance measurement is a standard application package of the Nanoworkbench
  • It is also available as a standalone module
  • It can be combined with any of our Nanorobotics and automation, even in our micro production systems.

This application package is part of the Nanoworkbench